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Cocktails, hip hotels, and chic restaurants...

Savor + Snooze is a collection of travel reviews and stories written by Mike Slone as he travels the world in search of the hippest boutique hotels, ridiculously good restaurants, and creative cocktails. Growing up in Texas, Mike developed a passion for Tex-Mex and BBQ, so he is obsessed with finding the best tacos and margaritas throughout the world.

Travel Is Life

Mike's travels have taken him to 30+ countries and counting and he has lived in the Cote d'Azur (south of France) for almost eight years. He is currently in Kennebunk, Maine, USA remodeling a beach house with his wife and hopes to enter the world of AirBNB hosts soon. Mike prefers to stay in boutique hotels that focus on the Customer experience and not big box chains which lack character and soul.

The French Riviera Dream

In 2018, you may have seen Mike and his family on HGTV’s Mediterranean Life: The French Riviera Dream. It is the story of the Slone family leaving behind their life in Colorado to move to the beautiful Cote d'Azur and buy a home. ``Eager to experience French culture and hit the beach on the French Riviera every day, they're looking for a house that makes their dream a reality. April is focused on living by the sea, but Mike has their budget in mind, which could be a sticking point since properties large enough for a family of five in the Cannes area are pretty pricey.”

Focused On Digital Experience

Mike has been working in the digital space for more than twenty years and has a deep passion for human-centered design, experience research, and innovation in the travel industry. Mike has worked in various capacities as a CEO, visual designer, creative director, and marketing director after originally studying Architecture and Environmental Design at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Mike has designed award-winning work for Dell, Vail Resorts, Microsoft, HP, Southwest Airlines, and countless international airlines. He has also spoken at Forrester Conferences, SXSW, WOMMA, Eye for Travel and his work has recognized by CBS, Wired, Fast Company, Mashable, ID Magazine, Webby Awards, and Clio. For his work at Vail Resorts, Mike was included in Josh Bernoff’s book, Empowered, and mentioned as a “HERO- Highly empowered and resourceful operative.”

Mike Slone UX
Mike slone photography

Don't Be a Stranger

When Mike is not helping airlines improve their Customer experience, he is busy traveling the world with his family, trying to become a better oil painter, and seeking to capture the northern lights in a photograph (30+ trips to Iceland with no aurora photos). On the few days when he is not traveling, he is home practicing his French so that his kids and locals alike will stop giving him such a hard time. Come see Mike in the south of France. Not only will he impress you with his knowledge of the travel industry, but he will take you out to lunch on the beach with a guarantee of sipping on a good rosé while viewing the Mediterranean.

Côte d’Azur & Maine

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