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La Piscine at Club 55

There’s a spectacular stretch of white sand near Saint-Tropez, that has become the ultimate spot to see and be seen since Bridgitte Bardot made it famous 50+ years ago, Le Club 55.

The rich and famous flock to this celebrity playground during the summer, so don’t be surprised to look up and see Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Moss, Bono, Elton John, Magic Johnson, or Beyonce arriving in their European luxury cars or superyachts.

Piscine at Club 55 Saint Tropez

The drink of choice at Club 55 is “La Piscine,” which is an obscenely large wine glass filled with rosé over ice.  To make sure the wine stays refreshingly chilled they serve it in a glamorous, silver Club 55 bucket that is generously filled with precious, cubed blocks of ice. Go ahead and order a magnum or two of that sweet, peach-colored elixir of the Côte d’Azur and allow yourself to live large like Leo, even if just for an afternoon. No rosé will ever taste better than what Club 55 serves on the beach.

I recommend making a reservation well in advance to get a table at the restaurant or sunbeds on the beach. For the best view, ask for a spot in the front row closest to the water, it’s worth whatever the cost for the priceless people watching and better yet, the outstanding view of the blue Mediterranean. Don’t be surprised to see relentless Instagramming, untamed topless women, frolicking men in bright colored mankinis, and everyone embracing their best lives.

If you head to Club 55, please pronounce it correctly- cinquante cinq (sank-awnt-sank) in French, not fifty-five.  Please also wear your sunblock. There’s nothing more embarrassing than taking your burnt-skin-badge-of-honor back to northern Europe or the UK to announce to the world that you’ve been in the south.  No need to worry about parking, unless you drive an inferior automobile, as Club 55 is valet parking only.

The cost of a rosé induced escapade at Club 55 is likely enough to purchase an old Deux Chevaux, but the memories are priceless, and if you forget, Facebook will remind you.