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Guayava at Mashya

If you are in Tel Aviv, do yourself a favor and have dinner and drinks at Mashya.  I typically prefer to sit at the large bar and like to start my evenings with one of Mashya’s house recommended cocktails- the Guayava. 

Although I typically like to avoid large colorful cocktails that look like they are made for women, the convincing and slightly over-friendly bartender insisted that if I like tequila that the Guayava was for me, and I agree with him.  The Guayava is served in a tall glass and combines El Jimador, Guava Liqueur, Aperol, Agave, and Lemon with a sweet blend of sugar and spices around the rim. The result is an amazingly unique cocktail that has become synonymous with the taste of Tel Aviv for me.

If you eat at the bar, don’t be surprised if you make some new friends and partake in many rounds of shots of your choice with the bartender, which seems to be a local tradition.  Since we are in Tel Aviv, I typically go with the selection of the bartender, which seems to normally be Arak, which reminds me of Pastis in France.

Mashya Tel Aviv