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Private Chef Inspirato Tuscany

Our Private Chef Experience in Tuscany

As the Mom and primary chef of my family, a true luxury of our Inspirato tour of Tuscany was the night we spent dining-in with chef Beppe Sposito at Villa Collina. During the planning phase of our trip, our Destination Concierge, Barbara, suggested we bring in a local chef and then followed through with the necessary arrangements. We enjoyed a three course meal, and desert, prepared in the kitchen and served in the dining hall of our villa.

Chef Beppe arrived at the villa about two hours before our prearranged dinner time and began preparations. It was obvious that he was familiar with the kitchen at Villa Collina and did not require our assistance, but what amazed me was that our three-year-old son was completely fascinated by Beppe, and was welcomed into the kitchen and even allowed to help Beppe roll out the homemade gnocchi…

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