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Semiramis Hotel

If you prefer the ordinary beige, big box, generic business hotel, don’t stay at the Semiramis-  the visionary brainchild of art patron Dakis Joannou and creation of famed industrial designer Karim Rashid. 

Located in the upscale Kifissia neighborhood of Athens, the Semiramis is the farthest thing from traditional, liberally displaying a rainbow of colors across a wide range of materials-glass, concrete, plastic, and even rubber.  

One of the first hotels I ever spent time at in the Athens area now feels like a colorful home away from home. I’ve stayed in many different room types over the years, but prefer the Pool Bungalow and the Penthouse Studio over the others.  They may be slightly more expensive than the basic rooms, but they are worth the extra money for the experience. If you want to view the sun drenched action in and around the pool, I’d go with the Pool Bungalow, which is independent from the main building by the pool deck and also has a private garden. 

Style: Cutting-Edge, Modern, Colorful, Different

Atmosphere: Lively, Fun

Setting: Suburban, Neighborhood

Price Range: $100 to $250 per night