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Southside Spritz at Dylan Bar

Most conversations about drinking in Dublin revolve around Guinness, whisky or maybe a stop at the Temple Bar, but if you want to avoid the tourists and enjoy a creative concoction in a more sophisticated atmosphere, Dublin has an abundance of hidden speakeasies and cosmopolitan cocktail bars.  One of my favorite boutique hotels in Dublin, the Dylan, also has a contemporary bar, appropriately named The Dylan Bar, serving up exquisite cocktails and mouth-watering food. The Dylan Bar has gained a reputation as one of the best bars in Dublin by serving up a fresh variety of drinks and an ever-changing cocktail menu.

Tonight, I was taken back in time to a sunny summer in Italy while I sipped on a hand-crafted Southside Spritz, which is a delightful mix of Absolut vodka, Aperol, freshly squeezed lime juice, sugar syrup, and then topped with Prosecco.  The Dylan Bar has a long list of unique cocktails to try, the next one on my list is the Firecracker, which is a mix of red chili-infused vodka and fresh raspberries.


PS- I’ve been to many traditional Irish Pubs, to Guinness, and to the Temple Bar.  Those are all requirements for first-time visitors to Dublin.